Razor – a fuck-poem


I’ll fuck you so dark it’ll all turn to light—

blackholes sucking supernova-explosions

driving into you

pupils burrowing into your doorways—

deeper than you’ve ever been spelunked

deeper than I’ve ever plunged

I’ll immerse you in me

bend me in half and I’ll accept you

into my orchid-and-thorn garden

dark with thrushes of the strange and exotic

I permit you to see my perversities

I’ll break you open and expand you

make you fuller than you’ve ever imagined

curse and whisper my insanities into the soft curve of your ear

pour my phantasmagorical mind-breaks into you

black oil from a blood-gold pitcher

I’ll fuck you feral

make you a dog, make you beg for it

pamper me beautiful with your tongue

then slam your pelvis through me

I’ll fuck you blank

then write you new

sign my name at the end

so I’m never-there

MAKE me yours

I’ll slap you star-brained

choke me until there’s nothing left

—but you

I’ll fuck you through a ket-hole

so that everything skips and changes


reality is a tattered cloth that I’m free to rip away

—till I see rockets blasting off over your eyes

MAKE me come

come out of my self and extrovert me over you

whinny and scream your name and God’s

and my crotch turns to Gold

—the Holy Moment

I’ll piston myself until I crack

and come into you

while molding myself into your body

like the clay of the first caveman.

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