Chasing F@&%in’ Black Cat – A Day in TOHV

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I’m sitting on my balcony a few weeks back, assembling some ingenious piece of journalism, when the sound of demons screwing shoots across the lawn and deep into my bones. I vault out of my...
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5 thoughts on “Chasing F@&%in’ Black Cat – A Day in TOHV

  1. Haha, that fuckin Wal-Mart part gave me a good chuckle. Where’s the pic at the top from? I recognize it!

  2. I don’t think that you should throw hot soup at a cat. You may cause a painful fatal burn to the animal. And it’s a crime. And your blogging about it. Buy an empty spray bottle at lowes in the cleaning supply dept.
    They work very well and I have one to gently discipline my cats when the fight.
    And do you rent or own? Who cleans the soup off the side of the house.

    • The soup was not at a point where it would have burned the cat. Despite it being a jerk, it’s a living thing, and I wouldn’t, y’know, burn it.
      We rent, but we were the ones to clean off the soup. It was a pain.
      Damn you, Black Cat. Damn you.

  3. Before an air rifle, try a BB gun — often a lot less powerful than an air rifle, the “ammo” is round so unlikely to puncture and, frankly, the chance of hitting it in the eye is pretty slim 🙂

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