Big News for The Other Hudson Valley!

It’s been two-and-a-half years since I re-started The Other Hudson Valley. I’ve seen it grow, attracting a larger readership, delving into a greater variety of issues, and becoming established as an independent local news source.

And now, it’s certifiable.

I’m proud to announce The Other Hudson Valley has been accepted as a member of the New York Press Association (NYPA).

NYPA was established in 1853 and today counts more than 800 weekly and smaller daily newspapers as members. The association lobbies the New York Legislature and Congress on behalf of its membership, as well as selling their advertising and providing different forms of insurance.

The Other Hudson Valley will now have press credentials, access to NYPA’s libel attorneys and advertising service, and the free use of other members’ published materials. It is also eligible to get paid summer interns on NYPA’s dime.

TOHV can (and certainly will) also enter NYPA’s Better Newspaper Contest, held each year at NYPA’s Spring Conference in Albany.

It’s a watershed moment. Thanks, Hudson Valley. Keep reading, and always question everything.

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