Hudson Declares State of Emergency Due to Pandemic


The City of Hudson declared a state of emergency Monday to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

Hudson joins a litany of local governments, including the city of Kingston and most counties in the Hudson Valley, with declaring the emergency.

Mayor Kamal Johnson – still in his first 90 days in office – made the announcement at City Hall with only three reporters invited to limit density.

“Due to both nation-wide and local limitations on medical supplies and the limited availability of life-saving medical equipment such as respirators that could help save the lives of those in vulnerable populations, it is important to slow the contagion rate to the greatest extent possible,” Johnson said

In a meeting with the nation’s governors, President Donald Trump said it would primarily be up to the states to get medical equipment, according to a recording of the meeting shared with the New York Times.

“Ventilators, respirators all of the equipment — try getting it for yourselves. We will be backing you, but try getting it yourselves,” Trump said, according to the recording.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he would use state resources, including the New York National Guard, to retrofit existing buildings into medical facilities this morning.

Columbia County, of which Hudson is the county seat, has not reported any COVID-19 cases as of Monday afternoon.

Hudson’s state of emergency will:

-Limit public access to city offices. All business that can be done online or on the phone should be handled that way, but the City Clerk’s Office and Code Enforcement would be open to scheduled appointments.

-All travel by Hudson employees on the city’s behalf will be restricted and all conferences and workshops cancelled.

– All non-essential meetings will be postponed. Only Common Council meetings will continue, and the public can watch them online or through public access but cannot attend them in person.

The emergency proclamation also reiterated Cuomo’s order banning all gathers of 50 or more people.

Later Monday afternoon President Trump issued new guidelines against gatherings of more than ten people.

“As a city, we’ll get through this,” Johnson said. “This is something that a lot of us are seeing for the first time in our lives, but, I’m confident in our city and our people.”

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