New Kingston COVID-19 Testing Site Accessible Without Doctor’s Order, Appointment

Kingston-COVID-19-Testing Site

Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan gives details about the new Kingston COVID-19 testing site

In Brief – A COVID-19 testing site set to open Monday in Midtown Kingston will offer testing without a doctor’s order or an appointment.

The county and HealthAlliance are setting up the site, at 27 Grand Street, which will address concerns residents expressed about the county’s first two testing sites, Ulster County Executive Pat Ryan said.

“We’ve been hearing lots of concerns about – ‘Hey it’s really difficult for me to get tested, because I don’t have a doctor, or the appointment process is confusing or just too complex, and I don’t know where to go,” Ryan said.

The new site rectifies those issues, Ryan said. Those wanting to be tested will simply have to call HealthAlliance at (845) 303 2730 and “they will work with you to get you set up.”

Insurance is no object at the new site, he added.

Ulster County’s two other testing sites – one in the Town of Ulster and one in Ellenville – required people wanting to be tested to contact their physician and be screened, then be set up with an appointment. This is the process for nearly every testing site in the state.

The new site can also be walked to from much of Kingston. Assistant Deputy Executive Dan Torres confirmed the site would accept both cars and walk-ups.

The testing site will be open from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday. Anyone wishing to be tested is encouraged to call (845) 303 2730 during those times.

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