Rapping Cop’s Fate to Be Discussed Wednesday

In Brief – The New Paltz Town Board will discuss the fate of a police officer who filmed himself performing an anti-transgender freestyle at a special meeting Wednesday.

Officer Robert Sisco also states Hillary Clinton should be “hanged for treason” in the video, which he posted publicly on Instagram but has since removed. A copy obtained by The Other Hudson Valley can be viewed here.

New Paltz Town Supervisor Neil Bettez confirmed the meeting was called to discuss Sisco, who performed the rap in full uniform while in a New Paltz squad car.

“We’re meeting with the labor attorney to discuss what our options are,” he said,

Though in certain situations he wished he could simply fire town employees, Bettez said, the town had to abide by civil service law and police union contracts.

Since the issue is a personnel matter, it will be discussed during the meeting’s executive session, which is not open to the public, as per state law.

However, Bettez said the town board would publicly reconvene after the executive sessions to supply any available information, even if it was simply that a decision had not been made.

Since discussions of personnel issues are private, it was not necessary to call a meeting, but Bettez said one was being held so potential information could immediately be disseminated.

The final call on Sisco’s employment is up to the town board, according to New Paltz town code.

However, the board is bound the police contract and will most likely face heavy resistance from the police union.

Protestors and supporters of Officer Sisco held dueling rallies in New Paltz Sunday, with the two groups confronting each other and arguing, according to a play-by-play report by Hudson Valley One.

New Paltz is known for advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. In 2004, then-Mayor Jason West married 25 same-sex couples at Village Hall in violation of state law. He and two others were arrested, sparking a national conversation on marriage equality.

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