In July of 2021, Roger Hannigan Gilson joined the Albany Times Union and stopped writing The Other Hudson Valley. Check out his new articles on his Times Union author page – he’s basically doing the same thing now, just getting paid for it.

His new email is Roger.HanniganGilson@timesunion.com.

Roger Hannigan Gilson started The Other Hudson Valley in early 2014 while at SUNY New Paltz pursuing his journalism degree. Upon graduation, Roger first worked for the Legislative Gazette in Albany before writing for the Ballston Journal in Saratoga County and ended up covering crime/courts and local politics for The Register Star in Hudson. Roger always liked The Other Hudson Valley better than his newspaper jobs, so he just kinda up and quit the newspaper business one day and is now back here.

TOHV was awarded Feature Article of The Year by The New York Press Association (NYPA) in 2020 for the article “Fentanyl is Hitting The Hudson Valley.” NYPA accepted TOHV as a member in 2019, making it one of the newest additions to the 800-plus member organization.

Certain articles on TOHV were co-published with The River Newsroom, but all the articles and photographs appearing on this site were produced exclusively by Roger unless otherwise noted.

As the producer of TOHV, Roger has appeared as a guest expert on Radio Kingston and WJFF Radio Catskill, as well as being featured in a documentary about the 2018 Congressional Race in the Hudson Valley.

Roger’s reporting also appears in Chronogram Magazine and The River Newsroom, and his humor has appeared in New York City Pudding and Broke-Ass Stuart’s. His fiction has appeared in Left Hand Pointing and Defenestrationism.




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