Roger Hannigan Gilson (me) started The Other Hudson Valley in early 2014 while at SUNY New Paltz pursuing his journalism degree. Upon graduation, Roger first worked for the Legislative Gazette in Albany, NY, before writing for the Ballston Journal in Saratoga County, and ended up covering crime/courts and local politics for The Register Star in Hudson. Roger always liked The Other Hudson Valley better than his newspaper jobs, so he just kinda up and quit the newspaper business one day and is now back here.

Though most of the articles found here are apolitical, Roger occasionally interviews people with extreme political views, including Antifa activists and people protesting in front of Planned Parenthoods. Roger doesn’t necessarily agree with ANY of these people; he’s just a journalist. Roger is perplexed why people don’t get this.

I (Roger Hannigan Gilson) can be contacted directly at hannigan.gilson@gmail.com.


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