The Joys of Destructive Weather – A Day in TOHV

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We had some cracking good weather in Columbia County this week, which is another way of saying we had very bad weather. Call me a masochist, but I might have a perverse love of destructive...
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One thought on “The Joys of Destructive Weather – A Day in TOHV

  1. This is certainly an “interesting” take on weather events! In May in Livingston Manor we had a thunderstorm which, in minutes, destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars of property with large hailstones. Our town often floods causing people to have to evacuate form their homes and causing havoc for local businesses. Your comments about taking a small raft out in dangerous conditions also caught my attention. I have been involved as a volunteer in emergency services for over 30 years in my community. I have helped to evacuate people and have searched for the bodies of those killed in the flooding. Putting your own lives at risk in a makeshift raft is your choice. Putting the lives of others at risk when they are called to rescue you is irresponsible. I do not understand your fascination as I routinely cringe when severe weather approaches and pray that no one is harmed and that no one pits themselves in harms ay.

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